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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Fri Jan 12, 2024 12:36 pm

For Christmas I got a very cool surprise: LEGO PAC-MAN Arcade set 10323.

I purposefully decided to build it slowly, sharing steps with my son and only doing 1-2 bags per evening. There were 14 pre-organized bags containing over 2,600 pieces. Sounds like a lot but it's not a jigsaw puzzle. It's a very relaxing and sometimes surprisingly joyful experience as you follow along the exceptionally illustrated instructions.

By tag-teaming we spread the build across about a week. My son and I have built multiple large LEGO sets in the past 5 years including two different VW vans as well as a much smaller Back 2 the Future Delorean set. This Pac-Man set was more in the realm of the VW vans in terms of intricate details and complexity. And that's really nice because a lazy designer could have simply made a basic arcade cabinet and slapped some branding on the sides. (And it still would have sold.)

I really appreciated some of the very small details that were added along the way, including the Inception-esque arcade that exists inside the thing if you take off the back panel. There's a girl holding a coin/token standing next to a tiny (her size) Pac-Man arcade game that she's about to play. There's even a dollar change machine behind her and some fun 80's "carpet' to tie it all together. Something no one else will ever see unless I pop the back off to show them.

Even the enormous manual is gorgeous and includes occasional trivia blurbs about Pac-Man's origins.

Speaking of Pac-Man, have y'all seen the fantastic free to play in-browser Pac-Man inspired game Paku Paku? I find it much easier to play on my phone. My current Hi-Score is 4,276. :joystick:

Note: Sorry about the portrait video up above as it's a requirement for creating YouTube shorts.

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Posted Sat Jan 13, 2024 8:10 am

This is so awesome! I build Lego and Lego-like sets as well as a nice analogue diversion to my digital workday. And I like the fact that there are some nice sets available from the good old retro-computing days. A friend of mine just built the Lego-version of the Atari VCS and it looks to lovely. :D

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