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Posted Thu Jun 13, 2024 2:26 pm


I am looking for someone with an original CD 💿 of the CDTV release of „Defender of the crown“. Also, an image with all audio elements would do.

I am trying to set up a degrader for my 030/32MB machine with a CD drive to run DotC CDTV. And other games.

I have had some success with BootCD from the AsimCDFS package and Kick2.05.

However, audio playback from CD may still crash or freeze the system.

I am now trying to find out why. One issue could be that the image I have actually consisted of the data, a cue file and a wav file. Within the wav file, one big track is there with different music.

It could be that they used an indexed audio track instead multiple, short tracks. For some time, that was quite popular for e.g. long classic pieces, before gapless play was possible.

So does anyone have an original CD or an appropriate image of DotC CDTV to test??

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