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Posted Thu May 16, 2019 12:37 pm

Fresh out of Russia, 3D printed cases for the C64 (including a breadbin option). I have been waiting years for this and the results are... middling...

I will not be ordering one of these as they are just a bit too rough for me, even with polishing and finishing. They are so close to being good it is almost frustrating.

I wish the STL files were made public, because while I am not keen on buying one of these I could see myself printing one for a fun project or two.

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Roseville, CA

Posted Wed May 29, 2019 7:43 am

Meh but glad somebody is recreating the case design as it could lead to potential new molds (at some point). A one-off case isn't a bad thing-but a consumer grade printer isn't going to come close enough to making a convincing replica without a ton of finishing work.

I've considered doing a replica C65 case that could host an Ultimate. But, the over-commitment and anal retentiveness to make it awesome would make it a never ending project...among too many I have already!

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Posted Thu May 30, 2019 4:36 am

Re-creating a case through 3D-printing is an interesting idea indeed, but I go with Mr.Toast's opinion: Most of the available (and affordable) 3D-printers still do lack the capability to produce a smooth surface texture. And the printers which actually have the capability are industrial rapid prototyping machines and they are waaay off, price-wise.

Since I am a technical 3D-artist, I've also thought about re-creating an old (but awesome) case (such as the C65) in my 3D-software and try to create CNC-readable data, but working over a design to accomodate modern hardware, such as the Utimate64, is more complex and time consuming than I had expected. And doing this all on my own... tricky. Doable, but tricky. And yes, it will cost you quite an amount of money, even if your project is considered private and non commercial.

Anyway, I still like the base idea. ;)

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