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Posted Sun Mar 15, 2020 10:41 am

Based on the recommendation of rpiguy9907, I've decided to list my current "Want List". It's ever expanding and evolving, but by and large these are things I've been looking for - in some cases for years - and there's a small chance someone reading this might have one and want to barter or trade for it. Ya never know.

So, here goes mine. And for software I typically aim for boxed and in good condition. Crushed/moldy, I take a hard pass. ;)
  • Lurking Horror for C64/C128
  • The Thing for C128
  • Arkandoid C128
  • Alternate Reality The City (C64)
  • Alternate Reality The Dungeon (C64)
  • Any Amiga Devware (I own a lot, but the catalog is vast and I'm always looking)
  • Dune, Building of a Dynasty (Amiga/NTSC version)
  • Empire Strikes Back (Amiga)
  • Fright Night (Amiga)
  • Personal Nightmare (Amiga)
  • Piccolo video card (Amiga)
  • Bard's Tale Construction Kit (Amiga)
  • Below the Root (C64)
  • C128 Jane
  • Asylum (C64, is there a disk version?)
  • Bruce Lee, boxed (C64, I have the original disk)
  • Goonies, boxes (C64, I have the original disk)
  • Gremlins (C64, is there a disk version?)
  • Raid on Bugeling Bay (C64)
  • Colonization (Amiga)
  • Ketek Command Center (not yellowed)
  • Labyrinth (C64)
  • Loderunner, boxed (I own original cart and disk, but not a minty box)
  • Master of Magic (C64, disk version)
  • Rescue on Fractulus (C64)
  • Day of the Tentacle (Macintosh)
  • Delta Patrol (Amiga)
  • Dungeon Master Original Soundtrack (Compact Disc)
  • Earl Weaver 1989 Stats Disk (Amiga)
  • Golem TurboBox (Amiga 1000)
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Adventure Game (Amiga)
  • Jim Sachs Calendar
  • Magic64 (Amiga, Full Version)
  • Mr. Do (Amiga, Boxed Disk version)
  • Mancopter (C64, Datasoft/NTSC)
  • Maniac Mansion (Amiga or C64)
  • Microleague Basel(Amiga)
  • Newtek DIGIDROID <-- search has been going on for over 4 years now
  • ProRAM 3000 (Amiga)
  • Rogue by Epyx, boxed (Amiga, I have an original disk)
  • Skate or Die (Amiga)
  • Spaceward Ho! (Amiga)
  • Tandy MMS-10
  • Tass Times (Amiga)
  • The Hobbit (C64)
  • The Magic Candle (Amiga or C64)
  • Ultima iii (Amiga)

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