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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Wed May 27, 2020 7:58 pm

At this stage, finding any of the original Lucasfilm point-and-click games - boxed and complete - is getting harder and harder to do for Commodore computers. And that's especially true for the Amiga.

It took me ages to get a complete boxed set of Loom (with cassette tape audio drama). I found Zak McKraken a few years ago for C64 - but that box is pretty worn. I mean, sure, there's an Amiga version on Ebay. But it's $500, and I really love my wife.

I have Fate of Atlantis, and recently acquired Last Crusade (boxless, slow trombone). The two Monkey Islands, of course. But I'd been on the hunt for Maniac Mansion for well over three solid years. I finally got it, and it looks pretty great.
The box art by Ken Macklin is amazing and so iconic.

It comes with a really large "map" which is more like an illustrated cork-board covered with notes you might have found on the walls of a dorm in college. When I got it, I could see instantly that it had been improperly folded and wasn't laying flat. When I was a younger guy I worked in a Rand McNally map and travel retail store. Remember Rand McNally? Anyway, while working there I became quite adept and refolding maps that exasperated customers had thrown down as they rushed off to Gap or Sbarros or wherever. I was able to get this one back in tip top shape in about 90 seconds, which made me feel a lot better. "You still got it, kid!"
The disks (2) have really nice glossy stickers on them. They look absolutely brand new.

It also comes with the once kinda fun but now-kinda-annoying-for-older-eyes copy protection booklet where you use a clear red gel viewer to glean tiny assed little symbols. I'm forced to use my glasses to see them clearly. I like handing the book to my son and having him figure it out at this point. He finds the whole process to be a short and interesting puzzle. I'm fine with him reaping all of the glory.
Also, it comes with a nice little manual, an advertisement card for other Maniac Mansion goodies and of course a full-color glossy brochure of other Lucasfilm games you should buy. (No really, you should!)

I look forward to finally playing this to the end later this year. The subject matter is right up my alley with the Ron Gilbert humor and campy horror setting.
And in case anyone's wondering, the disks work great. And, you can easily install the game to your hard drive with a couple of simple drag-and-drops from disk to WB folder.

Finally, being an avid AmigaOS 1.3 fan, I leave you with this very cute 2-state icon to launch the game.

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Posted Thu May 28, 2020 4:46 am

Great find there. I have all the LucasArts adventures, but I decided to get what I could and not worry too much about format or release version. This was back in the naughties, so prices were a bit better. It would be nice to collect the complete set for each game. Can you imagine!!!

I love this game. My daughters and I have yet to beat it, but we just love it. The girls love the sound the floppy drive makes. So I am not allowed to play this from the hard drive.

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Zippy Zapp

Posted Thu May 28, 2020 12:58 pm

Awesome find. I had all the LucasArts games for C64 and Amiga back then and when I switched to DOS and Mac I bought them all for those platforms. I never kept the C64 and Amiga ones and wish I did. I played it first on C64 and then on Amiga. Awesome game.

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Posted Fri May 29, 2020 11:10 am

I just LOVE those copy protection gadgets. :lol: <3

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