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Posted Wed Jun 10, 2020 9:41 am

Hello all,

inspired by intric8's post about that neat lil' Joystick Port Switcher, I thought I'd share the following similar device for our beloved Amigas: The Mouse/Joystick Autoswitcher.
Amiga Autoswitch Top-view

Amiga Autoswitch Bottom-view

It works pretty fine: "Simply plug an Amiga mouse into one port and a joystick in the other. Then plug the switcher into your computer. Press the left mouse button to give control to the mouse, and press the fire1 joystick button to pass control back to the joystick. A red or blue LED indicates which device has control."

You can get this device here.

There's alo a short Youtube Video available showing how it works.

Now I just need to 3d-print a nice case, since I've not been successful in finding one in the interweb yet...

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