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Posted Sat Apr 16, 2022 12:06 pm

Demo 1.1 is ouuut.. - And CMO is on, finally! There'll be some more interesting news soon too, but for now I'm happy to have this more polished version of the old demo out.

New Stuff:
Password screen is in the demo
Everything is slightly more polished, new graphics in various places
Reduced memory requirements
Better game logic
Motorbike handling very different..
Zombie logic much better
So so many tweaks..

Interested in bug reports and feedback :)

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Posted Fri Jun 10, 2022 12:27 pm


Keep at it... Would love to play it.

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Posted Wed Nov 30, 2022 1:19 pm

Cross-posted as it’s so info dense..

I’m not good at keeping up with the forums.. But I have had a few queries lately.

CMO is coming along fine, but slowly.. My periods of slowness / distance were somewhat exacerbated by *cough* separation after decades of marriage and not knowing what my life situation was going to be for the foreseeable future *cough* then followed by a lot of redecorating and getting ill.. I’m functionally ok now but I’m still likely to have down time because there’s a lot of adjustment left to do that will end up taking up a ton of my “free” time.

^ That’s probably TMI but it might help with certain people who’ve been nagging, lol. (None of you I speak to much, don’t worry haha!)

Here’s a video of a new level in progress:

And text from my latest patreon update:

Hex Night dev is going well, I've been making a lot of progress on the factory levels (see video) made many more creature types, improved graphics in many areas, and most importantly - due to improvements in Scorpion Engine itself and optimisation at my end.. The minimum spec for the game is any A1200HD* or CD32 - it no longer requires fast RAM. There are some hectic occasions where having fast RAM or a faster CPU prevents a few framerate drops but nothing major. It also runs well on equivalents of the A1200's 020 CPU - it doesn't require AGA (though there is an enhanced AGA build with some extra effects and fancier backgrounds)

Twitch streaming is largely on hold at the moment as I'm working on parts of the game I don't want everyone to see yet. I might stream some art/asset production shortly.. I've also had a string of health issues, but I won't go into those here. It hasn't been fun, anyway.

I've started preparing a fresh demo since the performance is so much better right now. The video above is a work in progress industrial section, which you might consider spoilers. I'll also do some proper promotional video at some point soon, hopefully before christmas. :) I hope you're all well, and speak soon...

OH! Worth mentioning I'm branching out into new socials, given the mess that Twitter is in right now. To start with, Mastodon:

Once Hive has a proper web version and probably a functional handle system (lol) I'll probably link to that too.

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Posted Sat Jan 14, 2023 8:51 pm

Demo 1.4 is now available! It's not a big update in terms of content, it's mostly quality of life improvements and performance ones. There are a few tiny new things here and there.. (particle effects, so many bug fixes, improved boss fights, ability to run it without fast-ram etc.)
image.jpg - for download links.

Progress on the game proper is going well, and pretty steadily. :D

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Sat Jan 14, 2023 10:47 pm

It's looking sensational!

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Posted Sat Jan 27, 2024 3:24 pm

Thanks for sharing that bro. My friend plays this types of games and I see now why its not my type.

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