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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Wed Jun 28, 2023 9:00 am

What you're looking at in the video:
An Amiga 1000 running Mac OS 6.0.8 off a hard drive, playing SSI's Pool of Radiance. This isn't a comparison of the Macintosh version and the Amiga version, more just an appreciation of how the Amiga can run and play this Macintosh game so beautifully. The Mac version deserves its own deep-dive look at another time for multiple reasons.

  • Amiga 1000
  • (Original) AMAX
  • Apple Floppy Drive (which I used to transfer the game to the HD via original disks)
  • Amiga: Rejuve, 2mb chip, AdSpeed,
  • Starboard R2 with AMAX driver
  • 8MB modern SLAM RAM for Starboard
  • Original SSI "Pool of Radiance," supplied by my friend Rob.
I think that's it. Hard to capture with video, but it looks and plays beautifully.

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