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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Wed Jan 17, 2024 10:24 am

Had a very fun time last night at SEA-CCC's 60th meet. It was a total 8-bit :commodore: extravaganza!

Hardware on display included:

B128 (previously Ray Carlsen’s) - with audio demonstrations and very cool orange/amber Zenith monitor

Restored and fully working gorgeous PET 2001 (earliest model)

C128 connected to a brand new Dell monitor with several innovative DIY connectors.

And I brought my Ultimate64 and demoed the new WiFi capabilities, which allow for the searching and mounting/running of virtually any file you can think of that is stored somewhere online. I played a clip of the "Bad Apple" demo Over The Air.

Good times!

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Posted Fri Jan 19, 2024 9:05 pm

That amber monitor makes me miss my original C64 that my "rich uncle" gave my brothers and I for Christmas back in 1982. He gave us the C64, a "Gorilla" branded amber monitor, and the C= tape drive. The monitor had no sound, so, for the first 6 months we owned it, I wasn't even aware the computer had sound, or even color. Only when a neighbor kid around the corner whose dad was in a local Commodore club (read: software copying club) told me the computer could be plugged into a TV did I learn it had color and sound.

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Mon Jan 22, 2024 2:56 pm

Oh man. I had the green version of that Zenith monitor for my VIC-20 as a kid, although I'm generally more partial to amber. I believe the green version was ZVM-123 while the amber was the ZVM-122.

Edit: Found the brochure (PDF).

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