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Seattle, WA, USA

by intric8 posted Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:44 am

Over the weekend I was chatting with an online friend of mine - someone I consider to be one of the most connected from a hardware perspective as well as with members from the original Amiga team. IIRC he actually lives not far from R.J. Mical and they are friends to this day. I'm intentionally withholding his identity for privacy reasons.

In any case (no pun intended) I reached out to him to see if he could help me locate the original molds for the A1000 case. Sort of a hair-brained idea I've been toying with lately.

With the Kickstarter for the Checkmate 1500 out there now, and the previous successful campaigns for the A1200 and 500, it's really made me pine for the most beautiful big box machine, the original "Amiga". But frankly finding the original molds - like when the Commodore C64C molds were found in Texas - would reduce the overall cost of such a project enormously. Those C64C cases were only $35 (I got mine later on Ebay for only $24).

To get a brand new, color-correct case for the A1000 would be simply spectacular. And maybe it's complete fantasy (very likely it is). But I wanted to ask my friend.

He was intrigued, then asked his own connections who are even more connected than he. Unfortunately, according to his contacts those molds were probably left in Japan decades ago, and were probably melted down. It's not know 100% certifiable fact, but that's where the consensus is right now.

He did send me some fascinating pics of the original "Lorraine" concept drawings along the way, however. Look familiar?

And then, before signing off, he shot me a few pics of a project he just finished in his garage which he's allowed me to share.

He'd just finished painting a case for one of his A1200's inspired by the original Amiga checkmark.

I asked if he'd used professional paints or something over the counter.

He replied:
Over the counter (mostly home depot specials)....not all the same make. I basically stock my garage up with lots of random things for playing and a large[ish] set of paint cans is a must for any budding "garage messer upper"

Pretty good work on keeping things even and blended.

Certainly painting cases isn't for everyone, but I have to give my friend a hat tip for creativity! If ever a case was an eye-catcher, this is it.

For what it's worth, when the Rejuvenator is behind me (whenever that might be) the idea of 3D modeling the A1000 case is something I'm pondering. And, as such, my friend suggested it should be modernized to accept a Mister, or rPi, etc. to increase interest in such a potential project. He's definitely right about that. I also like the way Philippe and the A1200 team used metal inserts for the case screws. Seeing how expensive the Checkmate would be to produce, and how it's current trajectory seems to be slowing, I do wonder if there'd be a big enough market for an A1000 case. the A500 barely made it, and that market is massive by comparison. But gawd... it would be so cool.
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Zippy Zapp

by Zippy Zapp posted Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:56 pm

Wow, super cool. Thanks for sharing.

Loving that Amiga rainbow case. Not too bad for spray paint. I wouldn't mind a case like that. :D
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Surrey, BC, Canada

by RizThomas posted Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:10 pm

I first saw that pic at FB (I guess .. must have missed who the poster was :oops: ). I like to do that to one of my A1200 which is yellowed but alas, I am not a good painter...maybe bring it to a body shop...that will mean $$$ :D

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