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Posted Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:35 am

intric8 wrote:Now Cloanto comes along and claims to own "practically everything" for an 18-year-ago payment of just over 1000,- EUR?
AFAIK Cloanto never made such a claim. It merely defended the 2001 agreement it had to use an old version of Picasso96 in Amiga Forever, for a price which at the time was considered reasonable by both parties. Individual Computers knows this, it even acknowledged this contract before buying Picasso96 from the developers (see this discussion). For some reason, it only became a problem once Hyperion and their lawyer became involved.

Did you reach out to Cloanto too as part of your "fact checking", or only to Individual Computers?

Careful, for you risk fueling a crusade against Cloanto that is based on fake news, and which is pushed forward by the Hyperion Entertainment-Individual Computers axis, which has been engaging in paralyzing lawsuits against the Amiga parties since 2007. (I am talking about the lawyer-founded/owned Hyperion here, not about developer Cloanto, who only got dragged in by Hyperion's lawyers in late 2016.)
intric8 wrote:Amiga is about makers, and Hyperion is a maker. Cloanto is selling GPL'd software that others have written for free.
Hyperion is a contract house run by a lawyer and by a right-wing politician who knows well how to stir the masses; it certainly is not a developer in my eyes. You should perhaps check the employees of Hyperion and of Cloanto (or any other Amiga-related company), and see who has fulltime paid programmers and who does not.

Practically all modern software includes some open source components. As long as you comply with the relevant licenses, where is the problem? Any owner of Amiga Forever knows that the software has a lot more to offer than the core emulation parts. Cloanto's own GPL contributions are open source too, BTW, just check the websites.

BTW, how much have developers been paid for the rushed (because it should have waited for the outcome of the court case) and legally dubious 3.1.4 release by Hyperion?

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Seattle, WA, USA

Posted Thu Mar 21, 2019 7:55 am

Did you reach out to Cloanto too as part of your "fact checking", or only to Individual Computers?
No, I didn't. I wrote the original post in an emotional outburst.

And the more info became apparent, the more murky everything became. Now that Stephen Jones has decided to do a one-on-one interview with Michael at Cloanto, I've decided to unplug from all of this. The whole thing feels unsolvable to me and more acidic than makes any rational sense.

I'm an inch away from not caring. Talk about mood swings! ;)

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Posted Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:37 pm

I only bought a few things from Jen and Individual Computers ACA500 + and ACA1233N. I have to say I have not been disappoints in the three years that I have had the ACA500 + and the recently bought 1233n. Jens makes great products. Losing him and IComp will be a big blow to the Amiga community. I not been a fan of Amiga Forever. I'll stick with my real 500 and WINUAE for AGA stuff. From the bottom of my heart thank you Jens, I really wish I had said something sooner. Your products has brought new life to my AMiga (pun intended I think,shrugs).

btw anyway to boot up without getting purple screen and having to hit CNTL +A +A?
just curious.

thanks again Jens for all you have done, you have 100% support from me.

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