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World Circuit (Formula One Grand Prix)

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Check out our In-depth Review by Shot97 for all of the ins and outs of this watermark game.

This game was known by several different names. World Circuit (known as Formula One Grand Prix in the UK) is often referred to as Grand Prix 1, MicroProse Grand Prix, or just F1GP.

World Circuit was a best-in-breed simulation for the Amiga and computer racing games in general.

Back of the UK Box:
"No other game comes as close to emulating the sights and sounds of the real Grand Prix."

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of those 26 drivers, revving on the grid, waiting for the Green light to start you off on a mayhem of crashing of gears, smoke, roaring engines, and burning rubber?"

"Well strap on your seat belt, because simulation specialists MicroProse and race-game veteran Geoff Crammond have teamed up to engineer the only complete Formula One Grand Prix simulation!"

"Complete televisual coverage of every car in each race allows you to view the action from anywhere around the track."

"Your pit crew will fit your choice from six different compound tyres in timed pit stops."

"Take your place amongst 35 drivers from 18 teams competing for 26 places on the starting grid."

  • All sixteen international Grand Prix tracks are accurately re-created in stunning 3-D
  • Each car handles exactly like a Formula One car. You adjust gears, brakes and wings to maximise your racing chances.
  • Five levels of difficulty and six major driving aids help you learn the intricacies of Formula One driving gradually
  • Race in practice and qualifying sessions, before challenging for the season's Drivers' and Constructors' Championships
Ranked by Amiga World Magazine as the #2 game of the year for 1992. "Buy this. It is the best car-racing game on any computer ever. Buy this. (Did I tell you to buy this?)" -- Peter Olafson

While the Amiga version allows multiplayer races in hots-eat mode, the PC version originally had solo races only. In 1993, the v1.05 update added modem support and a few other improvements.
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Mon May 16, 2016 6:50 pm

I'll never forget playing this game in my room in the mid-90's on Sunday, race day... Of course F1 was never big in America, unfortunately... But this game had me in love with the racing aspect so much I just had to tune into AM radio and listen to the Indy Car coverage. Indy Car, much like F1, had race tracks where breaking and left AND RIGHT turns were required. Shifting... Some people will go as far as saying racing is not a sport... I disagree, it is. Being stuck in that hot car for so long takes a toll on you, it's a real skill most could never hope to attain. But my thing was always F1 so OBVIOUSLY required more talent than Nascar. Nascar, of course, the only form of racing that gets any attention in America, mostly from the Southern states. I just don't get it... It's nothing when compared to THIS! And there I was, 10 years old with memories of Mario Andretti in his last years and his up and coming son. I watched when I could, but oddly enough I got a lot of just listening to the sounds go by with the commentary while I played this fantastic Amiga game.
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Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:57 am

With Indy 500 from Sierra, Microprose Formula One Grand Prix were the best sim racing games those days. I've spent many many hours playing them.
5 total votes
Geoff Crammond, Jim Bambra
Geoff Crammond, Pete Cooke
Dave Lowe
Racing, Sports
Release date:
November 30, 1991

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