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Posted Thu Jun 04, 2020 6:13 pm

This is getting silly now but ArtEffect’s tablet support works *great* - the pressure curve is right!

Only thing holding me back is I really need more RAM, and lack of RTG means weird dithered colours - but they’re workable.. I can see myself tinkering with this at least a bit occasionally. I can get a few layers on a lowres canvas! It’s neat.

Definitely working a lot better than i’d expected considering the whole 14mhz/8MB RAM thing.
Interesting how Photogenics gets around the colour shortage by allowing you to use HAM for the screen while ArtEffect does unavoidable and overly aggressive dithering even when you easily have enough colours to avoid there being dithering if it was being smart about it. Both so close to being perfect but I guess by 2000 nobody was trying serious work without RTG. 😕

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