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Posted Mon Jul 06, 2020 1:52 pm

So I am in the process of restoring an Amiga 1000 and had no clue what was inside, jus that it didnt work.

It wouldn't boot, had a green screen. So I removed the ram expansion pack, the 1MB DKB Insider and the KwikStart II with a single Kickstart ROM, jumpered to ROM.

Just got a monochrome gray screen.

So read up on the KwikStart II, apparently it replaces a PAL chip 6J.

"This Pal is to be installed on the daughter board of your Amiga®. The PAL is labeled KwikStartTM V2.X. This Pal is for use with V2.0 and will also work with Vl.3 or Vl.2 KickstartTM. This Pal must be installed on the daughter board of your Amiga® for the KwikStart IITM to work."

So I wired up only the KwikStart II (Two Solder Points), no DKB Insider 1MB or the RAM expansion pack and the system boots to the insert workbench screen.

So the question I have is am I stuck with KwikStart II? I of course dont have the orginal PAL chip 6J.

Is there somewhere I can get this chip contents and program my own GAL perhaps?

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Posted Tue Jul 07, 2020 9:51 am

I pulled everything out again, and stripped down to the case.

Nasty soldering job from whoever did this, scratch the daughter board up.

So I relocated the solder joints, under the daughter board and installed 2 header pins. After reading up on the kwikstart II I kinda like that it can be switched via keyboard and it can be set to dual boot with floppy kickstart or a ROM image!

Now I just need an amiga keyboard to test!

I wanted to add the indsider back in, I read on one place it should go on top of the kwikstart II, when I opened the machine it had the kwikstart on top of the insider and was all janky anyways.

So I just swapped it and all seems to fit fine with insider on the top, just means you cant get to the jumper block to disable the soft kick and use 2 kickstart ROMs

I am also wondering if I can jump a battery to the insider board, and disable the 10 year old battery.

Did a bench test and now I see about I have 1.5MB. Nice!

Does anyone know where I can find the software for the insider or a manual?

I can post pictures if anyone is interested in my mods, does the site support upload or do I have to host externally?

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