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Posted Sat Mar 18, 2023 9:20 am

I picked up some really neat books this week from a single seller out of El Cerrito, CA (a town where I used to own a home before moving to Seattle in 2011). Anyhoo, all three are spiral bound reference books of sorts - in theory - and in excellent condition.

I got one for .99 and another for $12, so I'm quite pleased with the pickups.

Here they are.
Inside the ML book. There was also a C128 specific ML book, ML Routines and "Second Book of" by the same publisher.

The Elemental book seems to be aimed at a more intro crowd and has entertaining illustrations throughout.

Back of the Elemental book.

Back of the ML book.

Back of the GEOS programming book.

I can feel the surge of power when I touch these flow through my fingertips up my arm. Sadly it seems to stop right before getting to my head. ;)

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Posted Sat Mar 18, 2023 7:10 pm

I love collecting old Amiga and Commodore related books, especially programming books.

I have a copy of Machine Language For Beginners and another book by the same author, the Second Book Of Machine Language:
Mine doesn't look as pretty as yours.
They were given to me be a former co-worker some years ago. I found them very helpful when doing a bit of C64 hacking a while back.

Some of my other conquests over the last year or so:
Still hunting for a Hardware Reference Manual and User Interface Style Guide!
Also on the lookout for a 3rd edition of the AmigaDOS Manual.

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