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Posted Mon Jun 20, 2016 2:19 pm

I picked up a much under-appreciated (based on price) and oft forgotten solid gold marvel made by Lucasfilm back in 1989, Their Finest Hour. When you think about it, some really astonishingly gorgeous games for the Amiga were released that year, including Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, It Came from the Desert, as well as the sadistic yet beautiful Shadow of the Beast among others.
Their Finest Hour, box cover

My copy of Their Finest Hour came boxed, complete with every little shred of paper, code wheel and sales insert. And that “manual.” It’s about 5 pages of manual and 187 pages of book! Over 190 total pages, including fold-out maps.
Massive, 190+ paged manual for Their Finest Hour

Folks, even if you don’t like WWII-themed games, you have to get an original copy of this marvel simply for the manual, which is bound by a metal ring binder. Don’t just download the ADFs from somewhere and think you’ve had the full experience, either. This game was meant to be absorbed from several different levels. The “manual” takes a very in-depth look at the Battle of Britain from the pilot’s point of views, which is simply phenomenal, and it is full of photographs of actual planes and people from the war.
Flight plans

From a collecting standpoint, this game can be found relatively cheaply (thankfully, although I’m not entirely sure why). It’s worth every single penny.

I’ve always had a strange affinity for the RAF Spitfire - no idea why. It is one of the only models I build (yes, I build models! Leave me alone.). And it, too, is represented well in this game. The really cool thing about this one is you can choose which side you’d like to be on - Germany or Britain - and really delve into every angle this game has to offer.

I can’t wait!
Always nice when the disks work...

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