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Posted Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:09 pm

Hello everyone. My name is Alan. I grew up with the C64, cutting my programming teeth on it with inspiration from public domain games, type-ins from COMPUTE's Gazette, etc. Eventually the C64 got upgraded to a C128 (three computers in one!), although I used the CP/M mode exactly once (like many, I think) and the only native 128 software I ever ran were a couple of Infocom games (Trinity, Bureaucracy). Had to build my own cable to get the 80-column mode working with my Panasonic monitor at the time. In 1990, I purchased an Amiga, which I actually used for school more than play (although I did some BASIC programming, and spent more hours than I should have customizing icons). I've kept the C128 and Amiga through the years, more or less in working order (including adding a Gotek to the Amiga with a homeade cable), and I've shared the awesomeness of some of the classics with my son (Archon and Adventure Construction Set, in particular). I wish I knew what happened to my original C64; it seems to have disappeared during some move. But I've replaced it with a Reloaded Mk2, and recently acquired an Ultimate II+ -- though I still use the real 1541s sometimes, and even acquired a 1530 recently to have the authentic cassette tape experience. I'm using an OSSC (with a homemade SCART cable for the Amiga, and a Koryuu and S-Video for the 64 and 128) with my Dell P2415Q monitor, which isn't a CRT but looks pretty darn good. Looking forward to being part of the community here. Cheers!

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Posted Sun Nov 15, 2020 12:53 pm

Hi !

Always a pleasure to read those memories of the past. I am always impressed by all the material we can still find nowadays ! :-)

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